The Villa

The Villa

A Private Party Facility

A fun yet professional atmosphere. The Villa is named in honor of The Office Restaurant & Lounge's former owner, J. Phillip Citta, who passed away from cancer in 2004. Phil's basement at his home was commonly referred to as "The Villa".

He would often have his employee's, friends and family over to the "The Villa" to unwind after work and enjoy a drink or two. This was a great time to engage in friendly conversation and just have a good 'ole time. We are carrying on his tradition at The Villa.

We will-cater to your special occasion so you can unwind and enjoy your time with your family and friends. One of Phil's greatest joys was to personally attend to someone's needs, whether it was as simple as getting a customer a beer and a burger, or spending time with them if they needed some advice on something. No matter what it is was you needed Phil was always there for you.

We look forward to serving your needs with the same caring, personal touch that Phil had with all of us.